Gear up for another snowy winter with these cool finds!

Snow Day Calculator Gift Card

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Snow Day Calculator Gift Card

All the reasons to get a Snow Day Calculator Gift Card:

  • It's perfect if someone loves snow days but also keeping stylish and warm
  • You know someone who would love some Snow Day Calculator Gear, but it's rude to assume you know their size
  • You need a winter present for a teacher who is going thru a lot and needs a day off
  • Showing that "I need a snow day" has never been easier
  • You know that Snow Day Calc Services are awesome (3 day text notifications, a hyperlocal ad on the website, etc.) so you want to get them for a friend too
  • Support Snow Day Calculator to keep us predicting your unexpected days off

Gift card is redeemable for Snow Day Calc Merchandise AND Services (simply email customer service to redeem for services like Texts, Ads, etc.)